Canon Europe

Storytelling Design

Live for the Story is Canon’s new visual storytelling brand proposition, created to inspire customers to shoot, remember and share the stories they create every day.

Our brief was to design bundle kit packaging and guidelines to give Canon partners and associated agencies the inspiration they need to bring packaging to life and land the new brand proposition across European markets. The bundle kit packaging architecture is designed to connect and communicate with customers in an emotive way, also enabling different audiences and channels to flex.

Full Description

Encompassing research and review to define the role of packaging in the customer journey, to inform packaging architecture conceptual design and packaging guidelines design, we created a structured design that works effectively across a range of product packaging with variable formats.

Vital storytelling elements of headline, brand photography and product photography take centre stage – the packaging is designed to tell a story. Special Edition / Hero Kits are designed to create more unboxing experiences, where headlines and imagery flow from out to in. The packaging architecture is also designed to offer flexibility in terms of merchandising to ensure that bundle kits communicate and connect in-store and in retail environments.

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