Virgin Trains

Wardrobe Mobile App

Virgin Trains needed a solution to launch and showcase their striking new body-neutral uniform range, created by Wayne Hemingway MBE and Gerardine Hemingway MBE, in a way that was engaging, informative and easy to access.

Full Description

To launch and showcase the new body-neutral uniform range we needed to find a solution that worked for all staff, working in various environments and models throughout the business. Virgin Trains’ direction of mobile-first internal communication helped define the solution of a web app, to be delivered on mobile devices for front line staff and on desktop computers for office colleagues.

The new body-neutral uniform range creates six mix-and-match combinations, enabling Virgin Trains staff to express their individuality and personality in a tailored wardrobe. Our idea was to create a fun game element to promote this essential feature, to encourage staff to build their own wardrobe and express themselves. The app also communicated principles and standards to ensure staff proudly dressed to impress every time on Virgin Trains.

Through concept to launch, the Wardrobe App was developed closely with the client to ensure the user journey delivered the right experience, to engage, inform and excite. To present the uniform range in an authentic way, we produced photography of every combination using Virgin Trains’ staff.

From launch, the Wardrobe App created excitement throughout Virgin Trains, achieving high levels of engagement of front line staff in the first few days and following months.

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