#islastones foundation

Identity Design

We are incredibly proud to have been able to work on the design for the #islastones foundation – Isla’s legacy to fund research into childhood cancer and also to support families affected by childhood cancer – in collaboration with Isla’s family and the foundations admin team.

Full Description

In August 2017, seven year old Isla woke up unable to walk. After many horrible treatments, surgery, and radiotherapy, in January 2018 she was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) – a form of cancer that meant there were no further treatment options for her. It was during this devastating time that Isla and her family started to decorate stones.

They would take them wherever they went in order to hide them, or give them to friends when they went away. Other people started to join in, and though Isla could no longer get out-and-about without a wheelchair and considerable effort, she loved to see where all of the stones she and her growing army of friends and followers had made ended up – and where the people who found them would leave them next.

The identity uses those special stones to create a recognisable logo and brand, and picks up on Isla’s favourite colours.

To learn more about the foundation visit www.islastones.com

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