The Future of Sustainable Retail?

How a fresh twist on Woolworths’ iconic ‘Pick n Mix’ could help save the high street – and the planet.

With online shopping now the default option for many of us, our high streets are dying – the much-loved Woolworths brand being just one of the high-profile casualties of that trend.

We think it’s time to reignite the nostalgia of Woolies. Let’s reinvent the ‘Pick n Mix’ experience, pioneered by Woolworths way back in 1886, into a contemporary, engaging retail experience. Done right, we think it could help relieve some cost-of-living pressures, and encourage a more responsible, sustainable approach to shopping in the face of the climate crisis.

Introducing Woolworths Ultimate Pick n Mix, where choice, flexibility and value extends way beyond traditional sweets. Picture a haven where you can curate your shopping experience, one item at a time.

We’ve summed it up in a catchy tagline: ‘Worth the weight.’ In a world of multipacks, you pay only for what you need – from a single battery to a basket stacked with goodies. Mix and match items to create a unique assortment perfectly tailored for you.

Woolworths Ultimate Pick n Mix is not just a store: it’s a community destination. Choose from a range of containers – cups, buckets, or baskets – and self-fill with loose items for the ultimate in waste-free customisation. Pay based on weight or quantity, and wave goodbye to excess packaging.

Specialised counters cater to diverse needs. DIY enthusiasts can grab loose essentials like screws, nails, batteries, and drill bits. At the Cosmetic Corner, you’re greeted by a kaleidoscope of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and other make-up staples.

For those still buying their music and movies on disc, the Entertainment Emporium beckons with an array of DVDs, CDs, and more, while the Snack Haven overflows with tempting treats. And treat your furry companions to the best nibbles, treats and toys at the Pet Pantry.

Worth the weight. Worth a thought?