Live Brief for NTU

We are really pleased to have still been able to run this year’s live brief with Nottingham Trent University.

The project is normally kicked off in person with a briefing lecture, but this year it was shown with a pre-recorded voiceover (Thanks Craig and Shervin)!

The interim critiques were then held as small online meetings, to review the student’s progress and feedback before the final presentation. We were really impressed with the quality of the work at this mid-point in the project, and interested to see how the current global situation was reflected in the students’ responses. With in-store dispensers and POS ideas replaced with mail-order bird food kits and keeping-in-touch proposals.

We’re looking forward to reviewing the finished designs in a couple of weeks, and intrigued to see the ingenuity on show in creating final mock-ups and presentations whilst stuck in lock-down. Good luck NTU!

“The Graphic Design course at Nottingham Trent University is currently undertaking a ‘live’ brief experience with Stocks Taylor Benson. The course has a long relationship with STB and (we) have worked together previously on live briefs. This year however presented a new challenge of how to continue this experience during lockdown, which resulted in moving the whole live brief experience online! Thanks to STB for responding so quickly and preparing a presentation with voice over to brief the project in and for giving up their valuable time to join our students online via Microsoft Teams in a series of online interim crits of their work in progress. This meant that students were still able to meet with the creatives from STB to show their work and gain valuable feedback and advice first-hand. The whole experience was really positive for the students, enabling them to continue to work with STB in person and undertake a valuable ‘live’ brief experience. We look forward to meeting up again online for the students to show their final outcomes.”

Rob Newton, Module Leader, Graphic Design Nottingham Trent University