It’s all in the name

STB Graphic Designers.

You might have noticed we’ve recently updated our identity and reaffirmed our agency’s strong positioning as Graphic Designers. It’s what we do and we are very proud of it.

Our new look also coincides nicely with the retirement of John Benson, one of the original founders, managing to combine our nickname ‘STB’ with our renewed focus in Graphic Design, whilst also hopefully showing off a bit of our personality too!

“It seems like the perfect opportunity to reinforce our stance as Graphic Designers, that’s what we do pure and simple… and we’re proud of it. There’s way too much ‘bullshit terminology’ in the industry at the moment, it’s confusing and it’s just not what STB are about. We’ve been established now for over 30 years, with our combined experience totalling an impressive 610 years, and we think that’s something to shout about.”

Glenn W. Taylor, Chief Executive and Graphic Designer