A new brand film for Druck

Our new brand video for Druck celebrates the 50-year history of this veteran in the field of pressure measurement technology – a valued STB client since 2016.

Over three days of intensive filming at Druck HQ, we documented the real people behind the world-class innovation, with unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to Druck’s fascinating production process – from design to manufacturing to testing.

This included donning full protective gear to shoot inside the highly specialised wet rooms where the silicon wafers at the core of all Druck products are made with incredible precision and accuracy.

Working closely with a film crew to bring our script to life, we captured 1TB of raw footage in total – shot with Steadicams and gimbals for the perfect balance between authentic and cinematic. We supplemented this with dramatic stock footage from the healthcare, energy and aerospace sectors, and edited it all in-house to produce the final 3.5-minute brand video.