Delivering a first-class future

We worked together with Royal Mail Group to help produce their 2018–19 Corporate Responsibility Report.

The theme for this year was innovation, and how Royal Mail Group are embracing technology and new ways of working. Our research showed this wasn’t something new – they’ve been innovating for over 500 years and have a great online archive of ‘World Firsts’.

So as well as looking forward, our design built in case studies from the past, including creating the world’s first stamp, introducing modern post codes and delivering mail by hovercraft! This all helped form the core idea of ‘Delivering a First Class Future’ which became a starting point for each chapter focussing on different areas of the business.

Large imagery and illustrated infographics helped give the front section an editorial feel, while we split the back up into clear chapters, each with it’s own front cover, so they could be pulled out and used as mini-reports for use by different departments.

You can read the full report here