Best in Show 2024

In recognition of our longstanding relationship with the University of Northampton, we had the privilege of attending and judging their Graphic Design degree show. As proud supporters of this event, It was great to see all the students’ hard work and creativity come to life.

As always, there is a high standard of work and choosing a winner wasn’t easy. After much discussion and careful consideration, we have awarded the top prize to Ellie King.

Ellie’s portfolio is already shaping up to be very commercial, demonstrating a wide variety of skills all backed up with solid ideas. Ellie also impressed us her work outside of University, taking on freelance projects and crafting her skills in food and product photography.

Take a look at a few of Ellies projects below:

Design futures, Design fiction
Imagining the Mcdonald’s Menu from 2050

“Starting with the theme of retail and food, I asked Chat GPT to generate a possible McDonald’s Menu from 2050. Utilising the answers from this search combined with in-depth research into scientists predictions of what we could be eating in the future, I redesigned a selection of items on the McDonald’s Menu that could be found from 2050, including alternative future advertisements.” 

Campaign Design
Ask The Girls

“Sport England have teamed up with Primark, launching the latest awareness campaign, ‘Ask The Girls’. The campaign will raise awareness of inequality that remains within society surrounding sport participation and aims to encourage the next generation of women to keep playing sport. The campaign will go one step beyond just raising awareness, by ‘asking the girls’, exactly what they want their future of sport to be. The aim of the campaign is to spark important conversations, challenge societal norms and educate teenage girls to discover what sport participation means to them. Together, we can keep striving for equality in sport.”

Brand & Packaging Design
The Yummy Spread Co

“Sustainability was at the forefront of the design process for this passion project. I was driven to create a unique brand that not only looked appealing, delicious and exciting, but one that made a positive impact in some way. I spent time researching into fruit production within the UK, finding that 1/3 of farmed fruit and vegetables never reach the supermarket shelves due to it being ‘not good enough’ – this concept aims to help tackle the issue.”

Food Styling & Photography

“Style and photograph a selection of menu options available within Waitrose cafes. Bold, colourful and impactful to entice and encourage customer purchases. ​To be printed in a large format and displayed on feature walls within the cafe space.”