Ban the Bullshit


Say no to the nonsense, the jargon, pseudo-science, made up words, blended words and downright stupid words. Making things sound complicated-for-complicated sake. Let’s just ban all BULLSHIT.

Glenn Taylor, Founder of STB

Waffle, jargon and over-complication is rife in marketing and design. To put it simply, the point of marketing is to sell stuff, and we use graphic design to make sense of things and communicate that sales message. Bullshit phrases, such as ‘Brand Amplification’, ‘Brand Acceleration’ and ‘Brand Behaviours’ are becoming part of the accepted industry language, even worse, made up ‘blended’ words and ‘branded pseudoscience’. This tiresome bullshit adds unnecessary cost and slows down the whole process by preventing simple, clear and effective communication.

In their efforts to differentiate, agencies have effectively erected a language barrier between themselves and their clients. Dave Trott, renowned creative director and author put it succinctly; “We can either use language to invite people into a conversation, or we can use language to keep people out. And that’s what jargon is designed to do, keep people out.”

Bullshit creates barriers on two fronts; it impedes a real understanding between the agency and the client; and makes the design process more complicated than it needs to be. Adding all this superfluous noise is not a good place to be in any relationship, let alone one that involves creative problem solving.

Clear communication benefits everyone in every situation.

Our ‘No Bullshit’ approach could just be more bullshit! But it’s not, we truly believe in the straightforward approach to design, and we’ve been practicing what we preach for well over 30 years. We use traditional design processes, working closely with our clients, we put pen to paper to visualise brilliant, creative and commercial graphic design solutions. We then use our computer skills to craft and develop those ideas, always keeping it as simple as possible along the way.

We’re calling time on agency bullshit, it’s damaging our industry. Now, more than ever, we haven’t got time for that nonsense, we just need to get the job done and have some fun doing it!

If your tired of the bullshit and want to have a straight-talking conversation about straightforward, effective design, please get in touch: