A new kit for Cemex

A refreshed design of Cemex’s Rugby Cement range enhances the brand’s shelf appeal while making it quicker and easier to choose the right product for the job.

Bold colour-coded panels and simple-to-understand icons help busy tradespeople navigate the range more efficiently in a crowded builder’s yard, from the unmistakable bright orange of the flagship Premium variety to more specialist varieties like Hydrated Lime (pale blue), Sulfate (green) and Fast Set (red).

Promotional materials for the launch play on the language of rugby, the sport that shares its name with the cement and the Warwickshire town where both began.

Weaved throughout the campaign, these references add a playful twist to product benefits: Rugby cement ‘Gives you the advantage’ and ‘Gets every job over the line’, for instance, and merchants and builders are invited to ‘Give it a try’.